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Since 2009, our company has an office for providing consulting services not only in the US but in 9 countries. Today the company offers a full range of consulting services in all the countries, including work that requires personal presence of highly skilled experts on the territory of the client company, regardless of its location.

The peculiarity of our company that distinguishes it from a variety of companies, is the individual integrated approach to solving problems. The specifics of consulting services in the area of improvement of business efficiency is that it is impossible to solve the problem within the framework of only one type of consulting.

In the conference hall of the consulting company, the company's specialists have successfully conducted a training "How to start your own business", aimed to help those, who want to begin getting the skills needed to start a business.

We invite you to the team of people, who are ready to implement the core values of FAA - maximizing the efficiency our clients' business. Work in FAA requires strategic thinking, concentration on the goals and needs of the client, the ability to identify ways and find opportunities to perform complex business problems and unconventional projects.